Tuberculosis Education

Tuberculosis Education validation classes required by American Lung Association in Indiana are now being offered at RESQ Health and Safety Training.

The American Lung Association of Indiana, in conjunction with the Indiana State Department of Health, performs administrative duties surrounding tuberculosis education validation classes intended for healthcare professionals to give TB skin tests and follow-up evaluations.  For more information about the American Lung Association visit their website at

Step 1: Go to for the ISDH IN-TRAIN online course.

Step 2: Select ISDH TB Basic Course #1060527.

Step 3: Complete the online course.

Step 4: Contact RESQ to complete the TB Competency Validation.


The American Lung Association Indiana TB Competency Validation must be completed within 60 days on completing the course. This card is valid for three years.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 317.786.7260.

TB competency validation check-offs cost $50 and take approximately 30 minutes.